LED Portable Video Wall


Why rent one panel when you can rent all five?

Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing LED Poster video display – a revolutionary bundle of five panels where cutting-edge design harmonizes with seamless functionality. This innovation transcends conventional boundaries by redefining connectivity, effortlessly interlinking multiple screens through a dynamic design. The experience goes beyond mere sight, evoking a tactile dimension, thanks to advanced technology that preserves image quality during processing and enables precise control over shades of gray.

The LED Poster video display empowers you to curate and manage your content with remarkable finesse and simplicity. Effortlessly steer your captivating content from a distance, utilizing an array of dynamic methods. Whether it’s the convenience of a USB flash drive, the versatility of a mobile app, or other outputs, the power of control rests at your fingertips. Moreover, the LED Poster stands unyielding against the elements, boasting a moisture-proof feature that safeguards it against humidity’s challenges. This ensures uninterrupted excellence, irrespective of the environment.

Pixel Pitch





120.5 x 68.1 x 13.5

Refresh Rate