PYLE Ipad Tablet Floor Stand


Safely and securely place your tablet on display and rest assured with regard to the safety of your device when you install the unit in public areas.  This versatile security system also features tilt, rotation and height adjustment capabilities so you can display your device exactly where you need it.

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Safely and securely place your iPad on display. This Tablet floor stand provides companies and merchants with a simple, state of the art, solution for information access and digital signage. This kiosk is constructed from fortified steel and heavy-duty aluminum ensuring the safety of your device when inserted. Each enclosure can be placed in high traffic areas such as front desks, lobbies, customer counters, work desks, or on showroom floors. With access to the Home button, users will be able to interact with on screen content and navigate programming and menus. Secure the stand in place and bolt it down or move it around freely. However you choose to use this stand, you’ll have a sleek, safe, and smart way to address your tablet needs (Compatible with iPads 2/3/4/Air).

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14.12 lbs