Digital Signage Totem with Custom Branding

Hosting an event? Showcasing some digital work? Giving a presentation? Really engage your clients with eye-catching displays that grab their attention and make them want to learn more!

We can work with you to configure or create custom touch screen applications for lead generation, digital portfolios, or show off your sponsors for your event!

We do our best to provide exceptional value at very competitive prices, all with exceptional customer service. Our reviews speak for themselves! We’ve got a variety of packages will custom tailor your quotation for your needs. From corporate events to casual uses, we’ll make sure we get it right.

With extra options like Kiosk lock-down software, remote access IT, Delivery & Setup, custom design and consulting, we’ll make sure your event is one to remember. Experience the SignCast difference. Advertise. Engage. Reach more.

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SignCast Digital Signage Totem

Really stand out with this dual screen digital signage totem.  It houses 2 42″ screens that display a combination of horizontal and vertical content with the added bonus of being able to represent your brand with custom branding.  Make an impact and reach more!

Use our HD Looping Media Player for best results to loop whatever content you like, Pictures OR Videos to really make an impression!

Height of the entire unit : 80″
Width of the entire unit: 8″
Span of the flat feet at base: 32″
Length of Custom Branding Area: 39″
Height of Custom Branding Area: 11.5″
Screen size: 
42″ diagonally