22″ Custom Touch Kiosk

This 22″ Multi-Touch kiosk is sure to make a statement at your event. Whether it’s advertising, information gathering, a digital directory, or wayfinding, this solution is an ideal fit for a corporate campus, college/university campus, hospital, retail store, shopping mall and more.


Product Description

Touch screen kiosks are the logical next step for businesses. Apart from the sheer simplicity and convenience, kiosks have a number of advantages, listed below.

Major enterprises and large employers in the retail, health, hospitality and travel industries are deploying
interactive kiosks in rapidly increasing numbers. By giving their customers and employees access to selfservice
applications, these institutions find that interactive kiosks can lower their overhead while improving
customer and employee satisfaction. In the past, networks of largely autonomous interactive kiosks were
expensive and difficult to manage and maintain. However, a new class of kiosk software and remote
management tools aims to alleviate these problems, turning the devices into efficient cost savers and even
profit centers.

The 22″ Custom Touch Kiosk is easy to update, any sudden information changes can be updated instantaneously. This makes it more efficient compared to the traditional paper-based methods. A touch screen kiosk can also be used in place of  a member of staff. A kiosk for example can be used in a department store to tender merchandises instead of a cashier, saving you a hefty amount of money from having to pay salary. Another advantage of using a kiosk at a shop is that you avoid line up delays, and at the same time increase productivity level. Another advantage is that the kiosk can be easily customised to build brand loyalty by creating innovative and interactive designs heavily incorporating your brand logo.



Additional information


Intel i3-4130T @ 2.90ghz






Intel HD 4400


1920 x 1080



Rental Duration

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