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Toronto Projector Rentals

Toronto Project Rental Media (Toronto Projector Rentals) is the sister company of Global Media & Technology Solutions (GMTS), which was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2003.

Toronto Projector Rentals is a full-service digital signage solution company which specializes in creating innovative indoor and outdoor digital advertising solutions for a variety of clients. Our digital signage solutions are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression of your company and brand, all qhile rapidly increasing sales.  At Toronto Projector Rentals, we work with our clients to craft unique solutions that help to exceed initial sales and marketing goals. We offer our clients turnkey digital signage solutions which include solution planning and custom design, hardware/software integration, installation, training,and maintenance, and more.

We deliver a full range of innovative advertising content-creation services which help our clients communicate their marketing messages in compelling and engaging ways. From attention-grabbing promotional videos and images, to 3D-display animation of your products and services, our highly experienced graphic designers assist clients in creating content that will help increase in-store sales quickly.

At Toronto Projector Rentals, we ensure that our customers are never left in the dark. We believe it’s important to keep our clients involved in the entire process in order to better serve their needs. If at any time our clients have any questions or need system support, we are available for them 24/7.

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